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So I thought Google killed off emojis showing in the search results. I mean, we covered the topic exhaustively and it seems to have been gone for a while.

But Julian Macias posted on Twitter a screen shot of it showing up for a search on [magnolia bakery]. The Twitter listing there shows some pastries and cakes emojis, specifically these 🍰 🎂.

There is an interesting thread at Hacker News on DuckDuckGo being toyed by Google. That part honestly doesn’t interest me as much as the core SEO topic in the thread.


Google’s Matt Cutts is very active on Hacker News and he questioned Gabriel Weinberg, the founder of DuckDuckGo, about the DuckDuckGo spiders and crawlers. There are some folks asking if DuckDuckGo’s spider, aka DuckDuckBot, respectes the robots.txt directives.

Yesterday I ran a poll asking if you think Google will run Penguin again, most of you think yes, they will but a nice number think they won’t. Truth is, Google has said and implied many times Penguin will run again, specifically the real-time version of Penguin.

But for some reason, there are rumors that Google won’t. I didn’t make those rumors, although I am sure many blame me for it. 🙂

Please let us know how you think in the comments.

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