3 Things You Should Know About Google Panda 4.0

Google makes hundreds of minor changes to its algorithm each year, some of which send shock waves through the business world. Among the most important tweaks are those given internal names, like Panda.

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Google Panda 4.0, like most major Google updates, is designed to reward sites with high quality and unique content while diminishing the value and searchability of sites filled with what Google considers to be spammy or too similar to what other sites have.

While these updates have caused major headaches for some business owners with a historically strong internet presence, others have simply reacted to the change by significantly improving the content on their sites.

Great Content

Better content is a win-win for any business, because high quality content attracts more customers and helps retain existing clientele.

Instead of trying to figure out a way to beat the algorithm change, spend some time understanding what makes sites stand out in a crowded internet marketplace. Here are the three major things you need to understand about Google Panda 4.0 to ensure that you are moving towards marketing success for your business.

Quality is King

The Panda 4.0 update means that even recognizable sites like Ask.com and eBay.com lost significant ground because they don’t contain what Google sees as quality content. On the flip side, sites with serious content that searchers are more likely to find helpful saw tremendous gains. Emedecinehealth.com and medterms.com both saw increases of more than 500 percent.

Find Your Niche

The latest Google algorithm favors authoritative content that makes businesses stand out in their niche. Writing several blogs on a single topic that your customers want to know about can help increase your chances of being recognized as an authority in a single area, and can help boost your ratings.

Make it Your Own

Don’t rely on other sites for information. Instead, focus on creating content that is 100 percent original. Google’s algorithm does punish sites that have content found elsewhere. If you can’t write your own material, hire someone who can collaborate with you to create the best possible posts for your site.

Clearly, Google Panda 4.0 was a major update that forced businesses to think differently about the content on their sites and how to best position themselves on the internet. The update created a flurry of changes in the world of ecommerce and internet strategy.

Despite the initial panic the update created, it is definitely a positive change; businesses that create quality content are seeing a significant uptick in their internet presence. More info about SEO: www.oneims.com/chicago-seo